served up or on the rocks

  • Dinner House Classic

    Leopolds gin or Kettle One, dry vermouth, blue cheese stuffed olive - served dry, dirty, or filthy

  • Limoncello Cosmo

    Tito's vodka, cranberry, and limoncello

  • Basil Lemon Drop

    Absolut Citron, muddled fresh lemon and basil, simple syrup

  • French

    Stoli raspberry, pineapple juice, fresh lemon

  • Durango

    Amaretto, tequila, grapefruit

  • Hibiscus Manhattan

    Marker's Mark whiskey, sweet vermouth, candied hibiscus flower


served up or on the rocks


served up or on the rocks

  • Milano Mule

    Titos vodka, asperol, fresh lime, ginger beer

  • Negroni

    Leopolds gin, sweet vermouth, Campari

  • Lavender Collins

    Tanquerey gin, fresh lemon, lavender syrup, soda

  • Old Fashioned

    Breckenridge Bourbon, bitters, cherry, orange, soda

  • The Bloody Italian

    Effen cucumber vodka, tomato juice, house made bloody blend, garnished with prosciutto, pepperoncini, and green olive

Summer Refreshers

served over ice

  • Bella Spritz

    Stoli vanilla vodka, raspberry liqueur, ginger beer, fresh lemon

  • Cherry Lime Ade

    Titos vodka, cherry juice, fresh lime, soda

  • Blackberry Italian Soda

    Leopold's Rocky Mountain Blackberry liqueur, whiskey, soda, fresh lime

  • Gin Garden Smash

    basil infused gin, Effen cucumber vodka, fresh lemon and lime, tonic

  • Red Sangria

    Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, brandy, red wine, triple sec, pineapple juice


served up or on the rocks

  • Aspen

    DeGave tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime, fresh orange, fresh lemon

  • Paloma

    Milagro silver tequila, fresh lime, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, soda

  • Sicilian

    Añejo tequila, Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, agave nectar, fresh lime

Open Wednesday-Sunday from 4-9pm

Reservations recommended: 719-836-9501

Delivery available; call Namast’ay at 719-839-1053

Part of the Millonzi's family of restaurants

501 Front Street, Fairplay CO 80440